Product Name: Unions – U
Part Number: SS-U-ML12
Description: Union
Specification: 316 SS Tube Fitting, Union, 12mm O.D.





Part Number Description Quantity in Stock
SS-U-ML3-FL2 316SS Conversion Union, 3mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML4-FL2 316SS Conversion Union, 4mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML4-FL4 316SS Conversion Union, 4mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML6-FL2 316SS Conversion Union, 6mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML6-FL4 316SS Conversion Union, 6mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML6-FL5 316SS Conversion Union, 6mm OD – 5/16″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML8-FL4 316SS Conversion Union, 8mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML8-FL6 316SS Conversion Union, 8mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML10-FL2 316SS Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML10-FL4 316SS Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML10-FL5 316SS Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 5/16″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML10-FL6 316SS Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML12-FL5 316SS Conversion Union, 12mm OD – 5/16″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML12-FL6 316SS Conversion Union, 12mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML12-FL8 316SS Conversion Union, 12mm OD – 1/2″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML15-FL8 316SS Conversion Union, 15mm OD – 1/2″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML16-FL6 316SS Conversion Union, 16mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
SS-U-ML18-FL12 316SS Conversion Union, 18mm OD – 3/4″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML3-FL2 Brass Conversion Union, 3mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML4-FL2 Brass Conversion Union, 4mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML4-FL4 Brass Conversion Union, 4mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML6-FL2 Brass Conversion Union, 6mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML6-FL4 Brass Conversion Union, 6mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML6-FL5 Brass Conversion Union, 6mm OD – 5/16″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML8-FL4 Brass Conversion Union, 8mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML8-FL6 Brass Conversion Union, 8mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML10-FL2 Brass Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 1/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML10-FL4 Brass Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 1/4″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML10-FL5 Brass Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 5/16″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML10-FL6 Brass Conversion Union, 10mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML12-FL5 Brass Conversion Union, 12mm OD – 5/16″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML12-FL6 Brass Conversion Union, 12mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML12-FL8 Brass Conversion Union, 12mm OD – 1/2″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML15-FL8 Brass Conversion Union, 15mm OD – 1/2″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML16-FL6 Brass Conversion Union, 16mm OD – 3/8″ OD Contact Us
B-U-ML18-FL12 Brass Conversion Union, 18mm OD – 3/4″ OD Contact Us






Founded in 1998, FITOK Group is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of superior high-quality instrumentation valves and fittings. FITOK Group has R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, warehousing and service locations in Offenbach Germany, Texas USA, Shenzhen China and Dubai UAE. FITOK Group is capable of manufacturing 4 different product categories, including: General Instrumentation Valves and Fittings, Medium & High Pressure Valves and Fittings, Semiconductor & Specialty Gas Valves and Fittings, and Sampling Systems.


Tube Fittings

FITOK tube fittings are based on the double ferrule ring system which has been successfully used for decades and proven a million time over. This system guarantees leak-free, gas-tight connections in all areas which require top-quality detachable tube connections. FITOK tube fittings are manufactured to strict quality standards that ensure flawless operation. The standard material for FITOK tube fittings is 316 stainless steel or brass. Other materials are available on request. FITOK tube fittings are fully compatible with the double ferrule ring systems currently available on the market.

FITOK also offers 37° Flared Tube Fittings. These are designed for the use in systems that handle with hudge amounts of tubes and allow applications in efficient flared systems.

General Instrumentation Valves and Fittings


Ball Valves
BF, BFH, BG, BH, BO, BP,BR and BV SeriesBleed Valves

Manifold ValveCHECK VALVE
CV, CH, CO, CA, COA, CL and CW Series 

Excess Flow Valves

EV Series

◎ Compact design for convenient installation
◎ Maximum working pressure: 6000 psig (414 bar)
◎ Working temperature: -10°F to 400°F (-23°C to 204°C)
◎ Stainless steel construction
◎ Leak-tight performance testing for every valve with nitrogen at the maximum working pressure


Needle Valves
◎ The nonrotating stem eliminates galling between the seat and tip, and reducing the friction of sealed packing. Effectively improve the service life of the valve and valve packing.
◎ Intermittent packing system designed to effectively reduce
the cold flow of valve packing and the valve operating torque, while use System media for the useful of valve packing.
◎ Packing mounted on the bottom of the stem transmission
thread designed to achieve the isolation of transmission thread lubricating material and system medium to prevent transmission thread lubricating substance contamination of the media on the system


Block and Bleed Valves
BB, DB, SB and DBB Series
Maximum working pressure:Working temperature up to 1200°F (649°C) with Graphite packing
Color coded valve function identification
Every design is hydraulic pressure tested in accordance with API 598 and EN 12266-1. Every set is
tested with nitrogen for leak-tight performance at 6000 psig
Fire-tested design in accordance with API 607
Flanged connections comply with ANSI B16.5 RF and RTJ
Pressure ratings in accordance with ANSI B16.34
10000 psig (690 bar)


Jual instrument fittings dan valves: swagelok, superlok, hoke, gyrolok, let-lok, ham-let, fitok, unilok, powerlok, fd-lok, duolok, dk-lok, v-lok, s-lok, hylok, cajon.