Pressure Gauge



The pressure gauge with diaphragm seal is an ideal solution in situations where the medium is not to come in contact with the instrument´s measuring system whether for reasons of hygiene or due to the thick, crystallising or polluted nature of the medium.



Type A330301… Pressure gauge w. diaphragm seal
Case size DN100
Case material AISI 316, glass-bead blasted
Display face Acrylic
Bezel AISI 316
Liquid filling Glycerine
Connection 1.5” (DN 38) clamp acc. To ISO 2852
Material AISI 316L
Diaphragm material AISI 316L
Transmission fluid Glycerine, 90/10
Measuring range -1~0 bar to 0~100 bar
Minimum span 1 bar
Damping Standard
Over range protection Pmax + 30%
Medium temperature – 5oC to 130oC (23-265oF)
Ambient temperature Span £2,0 bar 0~50oC (32~120oF)
Span £2,0 bar 0~60oC (32~150oF)
Accuracy Class 1,0 (±1 % af FS)
Temp. dependence 60 mbar at 100oC (0,87 psi at 212oF)


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