The 967 Silicone Lubricant is use to aid the installation of blocks which are tightly fitted.
The silicone remains soft a low temperatures and will not dry out over long periods of time ensuring that future modifications to the transit will not be impeded.
Hawke recommends 1 our Lubricant Ref.967 for each 3 apertures.
Lubricants are to be used in all installations to assure the proper sealing performance. Lubricant is a kind of animal grease, which is natural and non-corrosive. It is applied to the surface of modulesClamping device, internal walls of frames, and separating boards, to not only lubricate the surface but improve insulation performance of transits as well..
Lubricant DetailsWhy is lubricant used and how much is needed?
Silicone lubricant is used as an installation aid. At installation lubricant is smeared onto the inside of the frames and on all surfaces of the blocks to prevent binding of rubber components in the close tolerance installation. The silicone doesnt harden and also assists future disassembly should modification be required. It should be noted that Hawke 967 Lubricant is not an adhesive-..
One tube of lubricant is sufficient for 3 x size 8 apertures.
Hawke Transit System
HTS Hawke Transit System
Hawke Transit System HTS is a manufacturer of cable and pipe modular sealing systems.
The company has over 30 years experience in product development, system design, supply and installation and has supplied major projects in a variety of industries around the world.
The Hawke Transit System was first developed over 25 years ago to meet the harsh and hazardous demands of the North Sea Oil Industry. It has since developed for use in many diverse industries.
As a fire barrier it is a means to maintain the integrity of a firewall, bulkhead or deck through which cables, pipes and other services pass. It will also seal against and exhibit resistance to: water, gas, smoke, vermin, radiation,chemicals, explosion, UV Light, EMC and it also exhibits noise attenuation properties.
The Hawke Transit System is the most user friendly modular sealing device on the market. It also boasts the best system compression.
It does not need any on-site modifications. The cable blocks incorporate a colour coding system to minimize incorrect installation.
The cable blocks have five sealing faces so that the best possible grip is achieved.
The cable range is also marked on the blocks to aid with on-site inspect-ability.
Fireproof and watertight transit system HAWKE International
HAWKE transit system was developed for applications with great emphasis on security and protection of cables and is capable of resisting these influences and environments:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • EMC
  • Noise
  • Rodents

The most common HAWKE transit system in telecommunications, military industry, construction of tunnels, construction of shopping centres, nuclear power plants, hydro power plants, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the marine industry.

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